Is your business successful, but you aspire to create a strategy that will take it to the next level?

As explained in detail in No Man’s Land , the acclaimed book by Newport Chairman Doug Tatum, it
can be really difficult to grow a business to scale after it has hit a plateau. To help you along your path, we've interviewed Newport Board Group's partners, experienced CEOs with deep experience across a variety of industries. They offer practical advice to a CEO who wants to take their company from $5 million to $25 million in revenue.

Here's an example of what you can expect to learn from this eBook:

"The leadership team and board of any company must always relate strategy  and operations to the company’s cash position and its funding for growth. A  company must have a CFO or someone else who takes the lead in projecting  cash needs 24 months out. The constant goal must be to ensure you 


have  preparation time for funding, relative to growth, commitments and  contingencies..." 

- Peter Duff, highly experienced, strategic CFO who has provided financial leadership for a wide range of companies. 

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