Understanding your options, determining the best course of action and preparing for due diligence are key action items you need to take before your business is ready to seek capital. More businesses are seeking outside support from advisors for guidance on raising capital. Unfortunately, raising capital is hard. Before you begin your search, there are a number of crucial questions you must ask yourself - and answer.

Newport Board Group can help! When you meet with one of our capital readiness experts, you’ll get:

  • Advisors who understand the landscape of potential investors, lenders, merger partners and acquirers and can help you decode and interpret what you hear from them
  • Experience in negotiation and due diligence
  • An ability to help you clarify what is realistic and act on your transaction options in the context of your business and personal goals
  • An understanding of what to expect in due diligence and how to start preparing now to create the strongest possible case for your company and yourself
  • Assistance selecting investment bankers, attorneys and other transaction professionals

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