Access to capital is critical to the growth and survival of any business. Capital is an inescapable necessity, used in everything from finance hiring and expanding inventory to production and distribution or ramping up new product R&D. Whatever a company’s potential strengths, a bad decision on capital raising can be fatal to its chances of success.

This guide, based on the extensive experience of Newport Board Group partners as executives and advisors, presents some Do’s and Don’t’s to guide your fundraising strategy.

raise capital

What you will learn from this guide includes:

  • The importance of having a formal business plan and a flexible, robust financial model.
  • The different types of investors who might put money into your company and the pros and cons of each.
  • Why you might have to raise capital just to have a chance to sell your business at a good price.
  • Should you raise as much capital as you can—or should you protect your equity stake by “bootstrapping?”

Our FREE Guide: “Capital Transactions for Emerging Growth Companies” will help you think through your approach to this critically important aspect of running your business and generating wealth from it.

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