Peter Drucker states that "…The focus of the organization must be on performance."

The CEO and their leadership team must put the firm first in order to create a performance based culture and break through to the second stage of growth. 


In the Newport Board Group eBook, Firm First: The Shift to a Performance Based Culture, you will learn practical steps on how to make the shift from a culture based on loyalty to one where all employees assume collective responsibility for results.  


In this ebook you'll read about:

  • The characteristics of a Performance Based Culture.
  • The importance of getting the right people in the right seats.
  • How to get radically objective about your business.
  • Crucial questions a CEO should ask his/her inner circle.
  • The critical transition to team alignment and accountability.
  • How to determine if you're in No Man's Land.
  • The Execution Habit.

Performance must be the relentless focus, if a company is to sustain growth and prevent a stall.

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