The Growth Challenge Workshop 

The No Man's Land Growth Workshop is a one-day, exclusive event for entrepreneural CEOs to struggle with and work through the practical details of how and whether you should get to scale.

This workshop, presented by Insperity and Newport Chairman of the Board Doug Tatum, will provide you with: 

  • The opportunity to work on real-world case studies and make strategic decisions
  • The technology that will help you execute what you learned in the class at your own business
  • The answers to the top questions every business owner must make to avoid a business stall
  • A complimentary license to the Benchmark Button software to identify your position in No Man's Land, Capital Market Readiness, and Exit Readiness
  • An educational experience on par with an expensive whole day program at a top business school

By attending this unique event, you will get the tools and momentum to prevent your business from stalling. All costs of the workshop and the software license have been paid for by the National Sponsor, Insperity. 

This is your exclusive opportunity to RSVP for this "invite-only" event. 

Dates for upcoming workshops coming soon! Please subscribe for updates.

Fill out the form and let us know what area of the US you located in. We will notify you when one is scheduled close to you!