3 Step Strategy to Improve Your ProfitabilityIs your company relying on product demand?

Customers are armed with more options and information than ever, including price comparisons.

They are in the driver's seat.

The pressures of today’s market mean that, no matter how good a product or service you are selling, a strategy to improve profitability in consumer products must have three components: 

  • A strategy optimized for the type of product you are selling.

  • A highly coordinated process across the supply chain that optimizes the product’s value and attractiveness to the end consumer.

  • The right balance between bricks and mortar and on-line retailing.

Learn everything you need to know in order to take a more strategic, focused approach to improve the profitability of your consumer products company.

What you'll learn:

  • The factors that determine your corporate and product strategy.
  • How to find the right balance between the retail and online channels.
  • Process is as important as product.

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