Newport OpenPhone

Better Way To Obtain Operating Executives

Many mid-market firms are challenged to find the right operating partners. Reaching outside your network to find the specialized experience and expertise you need can be very time consuming.

One Call to Tap into a Unique Expert Network 

Newport OpenPhone™ offers qualified firms a better way to source talent when you have a need:

  1. For pre-deal advice and if you intend to have or are interested in having, if the deal closes, a paid Board Member or operating partner going forward.
  2. To fix portfolio company performance or to supplement the management team with an interim executive.
Enrolling in Newport OpenPhone™ entitles you to contact a Newport Managing Director or partner whenever you need to access Newport’s categorized, cross-linked taxonomy of its partners’ expertise. Proprietary retrieval tools identify our most relevant industry and functional expertise. Unlike other advisory firms that are loose confederations of free lancers, our partners are exclusively dedicated to Newport. We vet their backgrounds and then carefully categorize their expertise.

Newport: Source of Deal Flow

Newport is in touch with a great many promising emerging growth companies. We look to build reciprocal relationships with private equity firms that are interested in this deal flow and our co-investment capability and see the value we can bring to deal evaluation and portfolio company performance improvement.
To learn more about taking advantage of Newport OpenPhone™, contact your Newport Managing Director or Partner.

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