If you don’t need capital now—you probably will.

Growing companies need capital to fund growth and manage risk. Your ability to tap into attractive, lower cost sources of capital is essential to your firm’s success.

But-raising capital:

  • Is an extended process—it can’t be done all of a sudden.
  • Will require getting your team aligned around a plan to define priorities and how you will attain them.

You need to understand the various kinds of capital you might raise: friends and family; angel investors, venture capital, private equity. Each has advantages and drawbacks.

As the CEO/Founder do you have any of the following concerns about raising capital?

  • You need to be sure that any investor is on the same page as you—understands your company’s potential and your time frame for realizing it.
  • You would like to get an investor who can add value to your business—not just cash.
  • But you don’t want someone constantly looking over your shoulder or second guessing you.
  • In seeking capital you’d like to keep your future options as open as possible.

If any of these statements resonate, you need a plan to raise investment capital—and then be ready to run your company differently than you do now.

In this free webinar, Newport Board Group partner Catherine Cates will discuss a proven set of actionable recommendations to identify potential investors and engage with them about the company’s strategy and plans.

After this webinar, you'll know how to:

  • Determine how much investment capital you need.
  • Identify the profile of investor you want.
  • Determine whether to seek “active” or “passive” capital.
  • Create plans and other required collateral for prospective investors to review.
  • Get outside financial and legal advice.


Catherine Cates

Webinar Details

Duration: 60 Minutes, including Q&A

Interact: #BusinessGrowth


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